Why Display Ads Are Making a Comeback

Display ads were all the rage in online advertising, till search ads came on. With the search engines offering a more targeted approach, display ads were deemed to be second rung, a far poorer cousin to search ads.

Well, the good news is that they are coming back. And this time, they may do better than search ads! If Google drove the search ad wagon, Facebook may well be the driving force behind the second coming of the display ads. Google Display ads are most popular key area of “Branding” where everyone wants brands visualization.

How is this better?

The right approach: What has driven this renews interest in display ad is its newer more targeted approach. It has evolved from the simplistic billboard ads of the early web era. They are now carefully calibrated to target the relevant audience.

Facebook effect: It has emerged a major player in making these ads work. It derives a major bulk of its revenue from display ads. What it means is that Facebook’s domination of the market directly affects the effectiveness of the display ads. The more people who log on, the more the exposure of your ad.

Many experts argue that Google is now reaching a plateau, while Facebook is still a market waiting to be exploited. The latter has also evened a better mobile technology. Unlike Google it has found a more fictive way of incorporating its display ads on mobile.

The Favcons edge
So, how do we ensure that you get the right campaign? We plan our campaign by making sure it remains relevant, and focused on people who are most likely to buy your product or service. There are four key components in achieving this:

– Browsing history
– Social network
– Search keyword
– Site content

Together these components help us sieve through the wide web and pinpoint your most interested customers. We can then plan a campaign that can then be marketed with a targeted approach.

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