How to Get Your Email Marketing Right

Email marketing is alive and kicking. After social media marketing, it is perhaps the most effective means of digital marketing, considered even better than traditional mail marketing.

But there is a flip side as well. You may want your consumer to recall your brands, know about your latest strategy, but you do not want them to chuck your mail into the junk box. More than anything else, you do not want them to associate mad marketing with your brand. The trick lies in doing it right. While some digital marketing still go into it without any plan of action, at Favcons Media we follow the few basic rules.

Know your audience: What is your target market? Before you start anything, it is important to do a full research on the people you are targeting. Know the demographics – the age group, interests and incomes. Now decide what they want from you. Is it information, products or is it snapshot of your services? How will target these people? Although mass email marketing may work, the best method is transactional or subscription mails. The latter is the case where people have opted for your mail service and are already interested.

Content is the king: Once you have your research ready, it is time to decide on the content. For Favcons, this is a crucial part. You do not want your mail to be one of the routine simple sale promotions, which are often junked into the trash box by most people. Decide on a mix of content. This can be regular sale campaigns, your Facebook or Twitter post, snapshots or a look at offers to come.

Decide the frequency: This is usually not same for everyone. For instance, a news site will have to ensure daily mails, while many retailers may opt for weekly mails. Try to ensure a monthly schedule at the very least. It is always best to decide the schedule beforehand, so that there are no delays.

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