What You Need to Know About Search ads

A crucial aspect of Search Engine Marketing is search ads. Appearing on search pages, these ads is one of the best tactics under this category. That is why Favcons offers a composite approach that takes into account all particulars when creating search ads. So what are the features you need to understand before you start?

Consider the figures
According to figures with Google, around 190 million people log on to its sites every month. This, they estimate, result in a mammoth 100 billion different searches. This is a massive figure that you will be foolish to ignore. Given its accessibility, this figure will only rise. So it only makes sense that you utilise this space for your own branding.

Targeted approach
More than any other SEO strategies, search ad is a targeted approach. Your ad will appear on search pages that are most relevant to your product and services. In other words, this is a campaign that focuses on an audience that is already interested in your end product. Hence, the chances of them clicking through are very high.

Working with content
There are innumerable algorithms to get your right keywords, a lot of its requiring simple study and mathematics. But you also need to be creative with your words. At Favcons we not only carry out a meticulous keyword research, but also pay attention to content. This can be crucial because you have a very small window of opportunity to grab the reader’s interest.

Working with format
Few people realise the flexibility when it comes to search ad formats these days. We use an innovative mix of graphics and other relevant ad extension. This is a carefully devised strategy that takes into account the most effective marketing format.

Google offers a number of tools to monitor and improve ad campaigns. At Favcons we use bids and targeting tools to plan our campaign. We keep running reports on effectiveness of a campaign, using tools like AdWords to later improve them.

Search Ads are tools that you need to incorporate in your advertising strategy right now. Talk to us at click here and let us show you what we can do!