“Do You Really Need Conversion Optimisation”

Conversion optimisation is the process by which we improve the rate at which a passive visitor becomes an active customer. In other words, it is the method we use to make sure that your ideal customer does not just pass through your site without signing in for your services or products.

Favcons Media offers expertise in conversion optimisation for a range of clients – from your neighbourhood dentists to a luxury lifestyle brand. We understand that this process is often far more complicated than it sounds, requiring work on a vast field of key performance indicators.

So why should you care about your conversion optimisation?

  • Return on investment: You should care because you most likely spent massively on some promotional campaign. But now you do not know if it is actually working. Sure, you have people coming through, but are they spending time at your site? Are they registering, buying, downloading? Conversion optimisation is often the only way to ensure that you are getting a healthy return on your investment.
  • Surfer attention: The average web surfer is a fickle customer, often moving on in a matter of seconds. Given the short time span, you need to grab attention fast and hold on to it. At Favcons Media we work on a number of parameters to make sure your ideal customer spends time on your site. The more they click through, the more the chances that they will eventually be your customer.
  • Measurable results: Every business and individual likes measurable results, a proof that a particular strategy is working. This is not an inexact science, based on assumptions. Our performance can be judged on the basis of Key Performance Indicators, a measurable standard to show how your overall performance has improved.

In short, conversion optimisation is a key marketing tactic to ensure that your website actually works for you.