Why you Need to Invest in Social Media Ads

One of the growing trends in digital marketing today is the increasing domination of social media ads. While SEO may have its benefits, the social media is fast emerging a parallel and hugely active market space. A Favcons offers a composite social media campaign that includes ads.

Considering that the social media is becoming the digital equivalent of our social life, ignoring it is tantamount to ignoring a crowded space full of your intended customer!

Growing numbers
The number of social media users is humungous and likely to only go up. Facebook may lead the wagon, but Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ are not far behind. This is market that is simply expanding and growing in almost every direction.

Targeted scope
What makes social media ads so effective? It is their targeted scope. At Favcons, we take into account the many parameters offered by Social media to judge the consumer demographic. These include professional, social, political interests as well as the browsing history. All these markers are used to create campaigns that are extremely focused. In other words, it targets consumers who are interested in your product or service and are, hence, likely to click through.

Mobile technology
Most social media websites offer one incredible advantage: their adaptation to mobiles. Many people access the internet on phone to just log on to their social media pages. To add to this advantage, most of these websites, particularly Google, has also incorporated their ads well in their mobile formats.

Favcons offers you an opportunity to exploit this growing market. Contact us at click here to find out more.