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At Favcons we offer a comprehensive set of digital marketing services that cover the entire spectrum
–– from the social media, search engines, display network to mailers.

In today’s world the digital space is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. It offers an unparalleled reach through a much more effective medium. Like traditional marketing, it seeks to enhance your brand image, increase your base of consumers and showcase your product or service. Unlike traditional marketing, however, it is much more cost effective with a potential to reach the world.


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Our business strategy is taking care of your business From Good to Great.


Inspire the target audience to visit your website from social networks / Google

Setup Strategy

Create strategy as per business need,


Encourage dialogue and coverage from influential people and sites.


Keep an eye on results and then make reports.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Internet market in India or anywhere else in the world is the promotion of services and goods. It takes the technical parts of markets and marries them with the creative side. Internet marketing uses design, advertising, sales, design, and clever campaigning to create sales and interest.

Since the 1990s internet usage has rapidly increased and the average number of searches performed every single day has grown from 9800 in 1998 to over four billion in 2012. With such staggering numbers, the Internet is now the best place to market your goods and services. Thousands of people a day learn about the products and businesses and what they do, how they sale, and the type of following they enjoy.

Competition for “places” on search engines is increasing. Most searchers only read the first page of search results and generally only the top three or four. Gaining a top place on the first page of search engine results pages means you have a website and hence a company that is reputable, credible, and accessible.

There are different types of marketing strategies web marketers use. These include SEO or search engine optimization, PPC or pay-per-click advertising, ecommerce, social bookmarking, affiliate marketing and social media platforms. These are only a few strategies that Digital marketing in India needs to utilize. Your goal is to increase reader and visitors to your site and to have a conversion or an action with a visitor. Conversion means sales, subscriptions, donations and recommendations.

The best Digital marketing you, as a website owner, can do is to develop your website’s structure and content. Write and build your site for users rather than search engines. You want visitors to come to your site and enjoy what you have created. Design your internet marketing site in India to communicate with all pages and make sure they are relevant to increase your marketability.