How to Ensure Great Link Removal Services

Has your SEO campaign gone drastically wrong? Have you been penalised by Google recently? Has your traffic dropped drastically recently? Do you feel that your internet marketing campaign is now irrevocably doomed? Well, fear not. Collaborating Minds offers some of the best link removal services in the industry today, helping you to recover your campaign in a cost-effective campaign.

Link removal
Link removal is aimed at the effective removal of all toxic mails from the web, so that you can start from a virtual clean slate. A comprehensive link removal service takes expertise and time. You need specialists and given the intensity of work involved, you are also better off hiring professionals to do the job. This is what makes Collaborating Minds perfect for the job.

Backlink audit analysis
We start with an audit of all past work to understand what has gone wrong. This is a detailed process that requires intensive research. We have developed back link analysis and proprietary algorithms that conduct one of the most thorough research in the industry.

Manual removal
Once we have the toxic links, we start on the process of removing them. One of the means is manual removal where Collaborating Minds contacts each webmaster with a request to remove the relevant link. We take care to carefully record all evidences with screenshots, records and all contact details.

Disavowing links
Despite the most intensive manual campaign, many projects with a very toxic history still end up with a significant number of bad links. These have to be removed through Google itself. We create an extensive file of such links and request Google to disavow them. This is one of the most effective means of clearing one’s record.

Final removal
We are diligent in pursuit the task of link removal. We constantly monitor and audit the status of bad links, sending repeated requests to Google till the backlog is cleared. Following this we conduct a thorough report to determine the effectiveness of our link removal service.

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