Home Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2015

Everything must evolve and grow. That is the law of nature and applies to almost every sphere, including digital marketing. So what should be your digital marketing strategy in 2015? We give you some upcoming trends: Cross platform synergy Digital marketing will become part of overall marketing strategy with cross-platform synergy of all information and strategies. Consumers now gather their information from the various

Four Search and Social Engine Marketing Tips for 2015

As we gear up for 2015, our marketing strategies –– both for the social media and the search engines –– have to be modified as we aim to develop newer markets. Add to that constant changes brought about by search engine giants like Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So what are some of the tips that will help you

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce or using the internet for commercial activities, is a concept that is fast gaining ground. Earlier considered the domain of bigger companies, e-commerce solutions are now becoming in-creasingly popular with smaller businesses. In fact, digital marketing firms like Favcons Media often work with small businesses to develop their marketing capabilities. The immediate benefits of better ROI and lower setting up costs are obvious. But

How to Ensure Great Link Removal Services

Has your SEO campaign gone drastically wrong? Have you been penalised by Google recently? Has your traffic dropped drastically recently? Do you feel that your internet marketing campaign is now irrevocably doomed? Well, fear not. Collaborating Minds offers some of the best link removal services in the industry today, helping you to recover your campaign in a cost-effective campaign. Link removal Link removal is